Ives Catalogs



Gray cover, 20 pages including the covers. No accessories listed, only one page of trains, two pages of available sets, everything else is track layouts. The 1901 catalog showed the No. 25 locomotive as a 2-4-0, a variation that we do not believe was ever made.

Price Sheets / Instructions, etc

1902 to 1904

Same cover used all three years.

1902  - green cover, 24 pages including the covers, but only 1 page of trains, 1 page of accessories, 2 pages listing sets all the rest is track layouts. Back cover shows cast iron toys including Fire Station. First picture of elevated railway

1903 red cover (pictured) and tan cover. The 1902 and 1903 catalogs are identical except for the front and back covers.

1904 - Tan cover, 28 pages including covers, first catalog to show 1 gauge, still over half the catalog shows elaborate layouts.



Tan cover, outside cover same as 1904 except for picture of 122 double dome station  (new that year) on the bottom and lower right corner has printing "A Complete Toy American Railway System. 28 pages including the covers. First catalog to show Glass Domes, Girder bridges, lift bridge, 118, 119 & 120 platforms. 

1906 - 1907

Full color catalog (8.5" wide, 9.5" high) with wrap around covers. Basically the catalog was exactly the same both years, except in 1907 the color pages had a black border around the edge (the common reproduction catalog labeled as 1906 is actually a 1907) Supposedly there are a couple of variations to the color of the 129 Saratoga car on page 6, but all the ones I've seen are red. First catalog to show the rare Swing bridge and Crossing Gates.

1908 - 1909

Full color catalog with wrap around cover and 22 pages including covers (8.5" wide by 9.5" high). This is probably my favorite of all catalogs, showing all the early lithographed accessories and trains. In 1908, page two lists the No. 41 locomotive with the word reversing blacked out. In 1909 the word reversing was just left out. This is the only difference between the two years.  Page 16 shows the Mechanical Stationary engines that were never shown in any other catalog. Page 4 shows the 54 gravel car in blue and 63 gravel car in red, both colors are extremely rare.


Multi colored cover with IVES TOYS in bright red at the top. Inside are 24 numbered pages that don't include the front and back cover. 7" wide by 10" high the insides are done entirely in orange and black with white background. Originals of this catalog are rarer than the two previous ones. The original has  a flavor all it's own with lots of rare trains all in shades of Orange. The trolleys are shown on pages 4 & 5. Page 5 shows the 801 as a Buffalo car and the early 800 trolley is shown on the bottom of the page. There are as many as four variations of this catalog. some can be found with pink borders around the pages and black page numbers, most  with no border and orange page numbers. There is also one that says Electrical Department on the top and contains only the electric trains. It leaves out all the clockwork and cast iron toys. The 1st and 2nd printing are identical except for the location of the page numbers

1910 Price Book

These price books are known to exist for the years 1908 to 1913. These books were only intended for dealers and contained cost information.

The 1910 Sears Catalog also showed several Ives Train sets for sale, including these two floor trains.

The 1910 Montgomery Wards catalog showed several trains including American Flyer, Bing, American Minature and several Ives sets

IVES price sheets and Miscellaneous Paper


Blue cover with yellow-orange highlights and IVES TOYs on the bottom left. 24 numbered pages that donot include the covers. 7" by 10". The electric trolleys are shown on page three and only the 809 and 810 are listed there, the mechanical trolleys are shown on page 16 with several of the new bridges. Page 2 shows the electric locomotives, the 1125 is shown with a 4 wheel tender marked 'Electric'.The locomotive on the bottom of page 7 is marked as a No. 3. The No. 17 on page 8 is facing to the right. All the pages have a 'pink' border with black page numbers. Pages 20-21 show iron toys, pages 22-23 show the floor trains. The back inside cover shows the Power House and lists the three variations available that year. 


Brown cover with orange lettering and contrast. 7" by 10", this catalog had 24 numbered pages not including the covers. There is NO pink border around the pages. Page 4 shows the electric engines and the 1125 is shown with an 8 wheel tender marked IVES No. 25.  Page 5 shows just the 809 Trolley, the 810 is no longer listed.  The locomotive on the bottom of page 7 is marked as a No. 4. Page 12 shows the new version of the No. 40 in 1 gauge.  The No. 17 on page 8 is facing to the left.  Page 10 shows the 9" 0 gauge cars and mentions that the 70 series cars have been cut out from the 1 gauge and added to the 0 gauge. Page 20 shows Iron toys and only page 21 shows the floor trains. Pages 23 and 24 are a price list.


Gray cover with red lettering and blue background. The cover is much more colorful on this catalog, but the inside pages are just black and white for the first time. 20 numbered pages not including covers. Pages 19 & 20 show the Ives Struktiron for the first time. Page 4 shows the first real picture of an 1125 and the tender is the only piece to show the correct Markilin trucks that were new the previous year. Page 5 Lists just the 809 Trolley and the 805 trail car to go with it. Page 10 makes first reference to the new 500 series 4 wheel cars.  Page 11 shows the 9" 0 gauge cars and makes no mention of the 70 series cars. Pages 14 and 15 show the first electric street lights cataloged by Ives


Dark green cover with yellow, blue and red highlights. 32 numbered pages, not including the covers. The new IVES TOYS logo appears in the upper corner of every page. Page 2 shows the first pictures of the 260 Motor and the 204 Transformer. Page 8 shows an update version of the No. 25 with spoked pilot wheels and marklin trucks. Page 13 shows new pictures of the signals and track signs. The 809 trolley and 805 trailer are still listed on page 17. Pages 19 to 32 are devoted entirely to Struktiron.

Circa 1914-1916

Almost as rare as a big box of Struktiron is this assembly booklet showing all the big structures that could be built with your Struktiron set. Not a lot of assembly instructions, just pictures of the finished products. This book usually came with the sets, in 1915 IVES put Struktiron in the regular consumer catalog and made one large catalog with trains and construction sets. In 1916 IVES made three different catalogs; one with just the trains, one with just the Struktiron. These two look identical from the outside except for the a big red struktiron on the one that contains the construction sets only. The third had both trains and Struktiron and was really a 1915 catalog with a 1916 price list added to the front of the catalog. 

1915 to 1918

1915 - Brown cover with orange, yellow, blue, red highlights. Probably the larges Ives catalog ever, it had 64 numbered pages not including covers. Pages 2 - 12 show complete sets for the first time and actual up-to-date pictures of most of the Ives Line. The 809 trolley and 805 trailer are still listed on page 26. Pages 28-64 are all Stukiron.

1916 - Same cover and back but only 24 numbered pages not including covers. Only trains No Strukiron. Page 1 says '1916 ISSUE' in box and only set No. 0 and Set No. 2 are shown. Page 11 shows first observation car No. 73. The No. 809 trolley is shown on the inside back cover of this catalog. There is also a version of this catalog that is identical to the 1915 catalog, except it has a 1916 price list in the front.

1917-1918 - Same cover but all the inside pages are new. 28 numbered pages not including covers. Page numbers are spelled out. Pages 13-16 are in full color showing the herald for the 6" cars and the 9" cars.. Page 6 shows the first rubber stamped locomotives. Page 22 shows two fright cars with the first picture of the late series 'm' trucks.

1917 - 1918

1917-1918 - Probably due to WWI Ives did not make a new catalog in 1918. Supposedly versions of the 1917 exist with 1918 price sheets and inserts showing the new boats, but Ives also made a Folder both years. The folder to the right is 1917 and has 8 pages including pictures of the boats. There is also an earlier version that has only 4 pages and no boats. There is also a black/white version with 8 pages showing the boats and another 1918 version that is identical to the one at right except it has the date 1918 on it. The new line of Ives Boats that were supposed to be  ready for Christmas sales in 1917 and were included in a special catalog with just the boats (see below)

Carlson Pirie Scott & Company catalog circa 1919

Dealer Listings

There are at least five known variations of this National List of Ives Dealers. Based on the graphics and stores we've been able to track down, we've dated these booklets to circa 1918-1923


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1918 Boat Catalog

This catalog showed only the Ives Line of boats. This was the early one and showed several sizes that were never made.

1919 Folder / Poster

1919 -  IVES made this  8 by 11" folder that unfolded into a 24" by 33" poster. This Poster is very rare, although a reproduction does exist. I unfolded my original only once to carefully make a copy. It is possible that this folder was made in both 1919 & 1920 and it's possible the color catalog below was the same, there are no dates anywhere but it's definitely 1919 - 1920 with it's pictures of the new style electric 3250 series and the lack of any standard gauge. .

1919 - 1921

1919-20 - Same cover as above but in shades of orange, white and black. 16 numbered pages including the covers. Pages 8 and 9 have Orange tones added to the black / white like the cover and shows 5 of their best 0 gauge and 1 gauge sets. This catalog was also used to display the new wide gauge line when early in 1921 prior to the new catalog being released it contained a new insert announcing the new wide gauge line

1921 - Same cover as above with 20 numbered pages including the covers. Pages 10 & 11 have the orange tones in this one and show 4 of the new 2" gauge train sets. Pages 12,13 & 14 are also dedicated to this new gauge. Page 5 shows the rare No. 21 Outfit made only in 1921.

1921 - 1922



Cover has brown background with full color 'Ives laughing boy'. 24 numbered pages not including the covers. Pages 11 to 16 are full color and form a three page fold out center fold showing 4 of their best wide gauge sets. On page 5 Outfit No. 21 comes with a no. 30 locomotive. Page 24 is a parts list and if you're lucky there will be a separate price list enclosed in the catalog. Page 22 shows 0 and 1 gauge mechanical track and 0 and 2" gauge electric track, although it says you can still buy 1 gauge electric track if you need it.

1922 Boat Catalog

24 Page folder, most of which is dedicated to their new line of sail boats (or yachts). Also lists all the clockwork boats with their new numbers, but still uses the old pictures.

1923 - 1925

1923 - Cover in full color with Ives boy and red 3243 set winding through scenic backdrop. 24 numbered pages not including covers. 12 pages in full color, 12 in black / white. Inside cover has Instructions for Electric Trains. The colored pages have an Ives logo (black loco in red oval) on all four corners.

1924 - Same cover as above, 32 numbered pages not including covers. Inside cover has picture of Ives factory. Catalog have 2 pages of color, then 2 pages of black/white all through. Color pages have Ives Logo in all four corners but all are black / white.  Pages 2-3 has 'The story of Ives Trains". Page 32 has numerous variations and errors, but shows station 113 that was never made??

1925 - Same cover as above except "Catalog 1925" printed on the bottom. Page 7 shows new brass plate 3243. All pages have border on top and bottom with IVES on outside edge of borders. Page 19 shows the new 3254 and 3255 with brass plates. Page 32 is the same as 1924 except in the middle of the page is a box with the heading RAILROAD STATIONS. The 1925 catalog has at least one variation - although only the obsessed catalog collector would probably need both of these. See picture of Type II 1925 catalog


Also during this period Ives sold a few sets through what was called the Larkin Plan. Something like a mail order version for Green Stamps. Several Ives Trains were offered as Premiums in these catalogs

                    1924 Larkin Catalog

The IVES Air Glider - it would appear that IVES tried to add air travel to their existing train and boat fleet somewhere around 1923-1925. We've never seen an actual glider, but these magazine advertisements have survived to document their existence.


1925 Folder

This is what the folder looked like when unfolded. When completed folded the front cover was the picture of the boy in the lower center. Unfolded it made a great poster, click here to see the back

1925 Poster


Click here to see back of poster


Full color cover and insides. 40 numbered pages not including covers. Page 4 shows new 0 gauge motor on frame with transparent cab. Pages 20 & 21 are center spread showing 3243 in orange. Page 32 shows full page of automatic signals. Page 35 shows color stations without the mysterious 113 shown in 1924 and 1925. Back cover shows beautiful color picture of 3 tier layout at night with all the lights shining.

The General Electric Catalog from 1926 contains a four page section of IVES Trains.


There are two major and two minor variations  of this catalog. The two major variations would include the one pictured to the left which is done entirely in brown rotogravure, the other one has a full color cover identical to 1926. There are two distinct variations to the inside where on the inside front cover on some are printed in black lettering and some are printed in brown lettering . 44 numbered pages not including covers. Page 4 was invitation to join Ives Railway lines and get conductor outfit with punch and tickets. Page 17 showed the complete Park City set. Pages 20 & 21 showed the Capitol City Limited. Page 35 had the automatic signals. There are also a few copies of a fifth variation which has has the brown rotogravure cover, but also has the color cover wrapped around that.


Cover and insides were done in Dark green on white. Catalog had 40 numbered pages that did include the covers (although front and back did not actually have the number). The 1928 catalog is full of trains that were made in very small numbers. Page 14 shows a 3243 with a steel frame. Pages 16 & 17 show the rare 2 window caboose. Page 9 lists the Greenway special. Page 28 shows a version of the No. 30 that has never been located. It is believed that everything pictured in this catalog was manufactured, but some were made in such small quanities that none have survived or been found to this point.

1928 Price List


1929 Folder

The actual pre-catalog folder produced by Ives in 1929 has 8 pages including the covers and is in full color. Everything in this catalog is rare, but known to exist.  Folder states "Ives big Catalog book in full colors ready in July". This folder is known to exist in at least four variations.


1929 folder variations

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cover and inside printed in Orange and black on white. Catalog has 48 numbered pages including the covers (although front and back cover do not actually have numbers on them). Page 15 shows HOD Seagrave Copper set. Page 16 & 17 shows copper Prosperity Special. 

A promotional item published in 1929 was the Ives Newspaper for Boys. It was used to promote a contest where the winner could win a free trip to the Ives Showroom or various Ives train sets.


Cover and insides are in full color. 24 numbered pages including covers, numbers are spelled out, front and back cover do not actually have number printed on them. Probably the most accurate Ives catalog ever printed. It's believed that everything shown in the 1930 catalog accurately shows a true example of what was made during 1930. There are TWO distinct variations of the 1930 catalog: the first printing which we call the black version and the second printing which we call the red version.

1930 Price List

Looks like the 1929 folder only black and white and shows the 1930 sets. Marked as a price list but pictures the trains too. We've listed this piece of paper in both the catalogs and Price Sheets.


Cover and insides are on Ivory paper with blue printing. 16 pages including covers, covers do not actually have numbers on them. New Logo and new waving boy. Everything pictured in this catalog is actually 100% Lionel.


Cover and insides are blue and yellow on white. 20 numbered pages including covers. Only the front cover does not actually have a number on it. The last Ives catalog. Page 8 shows the rare 1651 and 1694 in 0 gauge. Page 12 shows the rare 1764 and 1770 locomotives in Std gauge. Everything in catalog is pure Lionel. Actual examples of these trains and accessories look exactly like similar Lionel from 1932. Many of these catalogs came with an Ives Pin attached to the back or inside cover.


1933 or later

Lionel still had Ives stock leftover, long after 1932. Some of the trains were sold as Export items to other countries, Some were sold though wholesale distributors in the States. Here's one catalog distributed by a company called Lafayette Radio Supplies in 1933


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