IVES Instruction / Price Sheets, Misc.


1906/07 Price List


This is the earliest price list that we've been able to find. There's no date on it and we just have the one page, but it does refer to their Color catalog and still lists the elevated train sets, which would put this rare piece of paper to either 1906 or 1907

1909 Wholesale Price List


This one is labeled 1909 and shows wholesale prices by the dozen.

1910 Price Book

These price books are known to exist for 1908 through 1913. These books were only intended for dealers and contained cost information.

The 1910 Sears Catalog also showed several Ives Train sets for sale, including these two floor trains.


1911 Retail / Wholesale Prices

1912 and 1913  Price Book

1911 to 1913 Pocket Calendars

It would appear that IVES produced pocket calendars for several years prior to WWI. These three are the only ones we've seen, but there are reports of  others.  Based on the printing inside it would appear that these where distributed to dealers and employees as  promotional items. These calendars were filled with all sorts of useful information like the population of all the big cities, postage rates and the price of a loaf of bread (.10) and a dozen eggs (.60)


How Six Boys Built a Railroad


The Railroad That Six Boys Built

1912 and 1915

Not a catalog, but unusual book that documents the construction of a home layout by six boys. A Very subliminal advertisement for Ives Trains, makes great reading.


1915 Pamphlet

Date approximate - advertising pamphlet which opens up to show 1129 set across center fold. Basically an advertisement for IVES trains and Struktiron. Below is similar Pamphlet for Struktiron.

1922-1924 Air Glider

We're still looking for an original glider but until that time we have this advertisement to prove they existed.

Price Lists

Pretty much every year from 1917 to 1927  IVES printed up a single page price sheet that could be inserted into the catalog. This was done because some times prices increased during the year and sometimes IVES didn't immediately issue a new catalog for the following year and would send out old catalogs with this years prices. In 1918 when IVES didn't produce a new color catalog, they sent out 1917 catalogs with 1918 price lists. The catalog most commonly referred to as the 1920 catalog may also have been issued in 1919 and then just re-issued in 1920 with a 1920 price list. There are as many as three different versions of the 1924 price list. One may have been intended for dealers and wholesalers, another may have been issued due to price increases during that year.  




1924 Dealer Mailer

These mailers were sent to dealers for several years between 1923-1928 and folded up to envelope size and mailed to prospective customers.


1925 Dealer Price list

Included advertising materials, prices to the trade and pictures of new items in the line.


1926 Dealer Price list

Included advertising materials, prices to the trade and pictures of new items in the line.


1927 Dealer Mailer

Sent by IVES to dealers around the country. This mailer showed all the magazines that IVES would be advertising in, plus listed some of their promotions. The promotions included the free conductors kit and inclusion of a post card in every train, that if filled out and returned by the lucky owner would get them a button designating them as a Member of The Ives Railway.

1927 Price Folder

1927 Price Reduction Announcement

This 4 page brochure touted all the sweeping price reductions that were about to take effect in 1927. There were price reductions on all the mechanical sets, including the No. 0 set which was now only $1.00

Instruction Booklet

This booklet is known to come in a couple sizes:

Early: (1924-28) 6" by 9" - 12 pages including back cover. This version is printed by "The Ives Manufacturing Corporation" on back cover

Late: (1928-1930) 5" by 7.5" - 15 pages with back cover blank. This version is printed by "THE IVES CORPORATION" on inside back cover.

1122 Locomotive



4 page instruction sheet, showing how to oil the locomotive, how to change the headlight bulb and how to install the transformer. 

1928 Price list


The price list has no pictures but does list many of the rare 1928 trains that weren't pictured in the catalog. There are also two variations of this price list one prior to the Lionel / Flyer takeover and one after

1929 IVES Newspaper

Newsletter distributed to IVES train owners in 1929, featuring their big contest and listing several other IVES news events for that year. Reproductions exist and are marked, originals hard to find.

1930 Price List

Looks like the 1929 folder only black and white and shows the 1930 sets. Marked as a price list but pictures the trains too. We've listed this piece of paper in both the catalogs and Price Sheets.


Instruction Booklet


We don't know how many pages this booklet has, all we had to go on was the cover which is pictured to the right. 

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