1929 Catalog Folder Variations



Advance Folder

Advance Color Folder

1929 Advance

Only 2 or 3 of these are known to exist, but it is a very important catalog as it shows several trains that were never made. This folder has 8 pages including the covers. It is entirely black / white and shows pictures of the never made 3265 a 12 wheel 0 gauge electric that was to be the 0 gauge version of the 3245 olympian. It also shows the Prosperity Special and HOD Seagrave Special Deluxe in Nickle (not copper) and the 12 wheel 141,142 series passenger cars.



1929 Advance Dealer

The only known example of this catalog is four pages, it may have been larger originally, but what is there is identical to the 1929 advance catalog only it's in color. Obviously this catalog was printed prior to the majority of 1929 production as details and colors of the trains would appear to be incorrect. In any event the inside center fold is something that every IVES collector should see. 


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