No. 116 Passenger Station    (Circa 1910-1914)


Circa 1909-1910 - Pre 1910 style body and litho, but roof has the double hexagon stripes usually associated with 1910 and later. 

Note scalloped fringe on roof

Circa 1910-1913 - New body lithograph with litho roof and base. Note roof is four piece with single chimney.

Side view of No. 116 station - Circa 1910-12 

Circa 1910-1911 - Same station as one pictured above except it has an earlier roof with green diamonds and two chimneys. 

Circa 1912-1913 - This example still has the lithographed roof but the base is painted. Below is a closeup of the lithograph showing the middle window on the front. Make a mental note of which way the man is facing then look at same window on later No. 116's

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