No. 116 Passenger Station    (Circa 1914-1928)

Circa 1914-1923 - Lithographed body but painted roof and base. Both the roof and the base can be found painted various colors from green, brown, red, orange, etc.

Brown speckled roof with blue/green speckled base.

This No. 116 originally had a glass dome attached, but some previous owner converted the posts to look like street lamps.

Here's an unusual station; cast chimneys, odd rubber stamped lettering for "GRAND CENTRAL STATION" and the lettering over the door on the left reads "BAGGAGE ROOM".

One way to tell early from late in these stations is to look at the man in the front window - above he is facing right, below he is facing left. The whole window picture has been reversed except for the date Aug 2nd. The Time on the clock is 5pm above and 7pm below.

Circa 1924 - 1928 - This one has a red roof and a gray base, but the important thing to notice is that the man in the middle window is facing left, see close up below. We didn't reverse the picture in the computer - compare the outside windows, they are the same as the other examples. These features appear to have started somewhere after 1923 until the last year it was cataloged in 1928. The station above is also the lighted version (No. 116-3), note the two No. 88 lights on either side. The station below is also the lighted version but has the man facing right. The lights were first cataloged in 1923.

This 123 glass dome station is  a late one and also shows the man in the center window facing to the left.

Here's a late 116-3 with lights in the original box, late station with man facing left.

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