No. 107, 107-D, 107S, 108,109 Semaphores   (1904-30) 

No. 107 & 108 Mechanical Semaphore with track trip

Cataloged from 1904 to 1917 - early catalog pictures from 1904 and 1905 show four climbing rungs on a post type semaphore but we have yet to locate an early one that looks like the catalog. The example pictured above is from 1905 and 1907 (at least it was shown in the 1906/1907 catalog that way) and is easily one of the hardest to find of the early accessories. This same accessory was available in 1 gauge as a No. 108 and would be identical except for the 1 gauge track piece. Below is a similar semaphore in butterscotch.


Circa 1908-1912 - The above semaphore was first shown in the 1908 catalog and the catalog picture remained the same until 1915 when it was replaced by one with climbing rungs that looked much like the 107S, a picture of the late variation is pictured below.

No. 107S & 107D Manual Semaphores 

Cataloged from 1907 to 1930 - The set below are the earliest and the other pair are in the order we believe they were made, specific dates are difficult to predict. 

Ignore the one on the left for now, but the single arm one on the right with the heavy rounded base may be the earliest of this group. Note the differences found on the early 'arm' of these semaphores as seen on the one above right and below.

Note the cast round base, split end on the green arm, heavy wire for arm on the inside.

Circa 1920-24 - Cast base with original box.

Note the climbing rungs, green square base and triangular marks on arms.

We believe these all white variations are from the late 1920s, there's also one with a Cardinal Red base and stem

No. 109 Double arm semaphore 1905 - 1922

Just another example of showing that when it comes to early Ives, it's sometimes harder to find two that are the same. The examples of the No. 109 double semaphore above and below are all somewhat different

Circa 1905-1909 - The early No. 109 with the lithographed girders. The pictures above show it in both blue striped lithograph and the later butterscotch lithograph, the single arm No. 107 seems to have  come only in red cherry stripes. Below is a close up of the top of one of the double 109 semaphores - like other early accessories, it's hard to find 2 that are identical. Note that the earlier version on the right has a solid post, where the later one on the left has a girder-like effect.

The pictures above show two different style bases on the early 109 Semaphore, the one on the left is earlier than the one on the right. Both are pre 1910.

The example above is probably Circa 1908-10. This example is probably rarer than the earlier lithographed one, but no where near the value. Note the split end on the green arm, the two piece construction of the top arms and the single wire supports for the top arm. Below is a No. 109 that came with a 1 gauge set. The arms on this one are different heights.

We're not really sure where to date the one above or below. They would appear to have bases like the early lithographed examples, but are painted. The one below is painted in the mottled gray color not used until the late 1920s. The No. 109 semaphore was last cataloged in 1922.


Circa 1923-28 - Late double arm semaphore, this one was cataloged as a No. 302.

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