No. 80 Scenic Backdrops   (Circa 1906-1909)

The above cut shows what the catalog pictured for the 6 panels in all four years. Although very few of these survive we have observed two distinct sets of the painted panels, which look more like paintings on canvas with wood frames. Both sets we observed were basically the same but do look slightly different than the catalog cut. If we start from the upper left on the page above and number them 1 through 6 - see pictures of actual examples below.

Panel 1 - This somewhat different than the catalog cut - but note that if you place this to the right side of Panel 6 if would form a continuous picture.


Panel 2

Panel 3

Panel 4 - This panel is also different than catalog illustration

Panel 5

Panel 6 - Again different than the catalog but blends in with other 5 panels 

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