Early Electric Motors  

Stationary Electric Motor No. 252, below a picture of an original box.

Circa 1912-1916 - Stationary Electric motor No. 256 (above) and No. 254 (below).

Circa 1911-1912 - The largest of the Ives stationary motors

Above is the No. 262 stationary motor that was used with the Struktiron Sets. The example below is from a No. 260 stationary motor.


Early 210 DC reducer.

Boxed 202 Early 1920s

No. 203 transformer

Early and late versions of No. 204 Transformer above and a boxed example (below) from the early 1920s.

Side view of later No. 204 circa 1928-30

Circa 1925 - IVES No. 205 Transformer

Circa 1931-1932 Lionel production - 1889 transformer above, 1887 below.

Circa 1915-17 - No. 206 Transformer

Here's a boxed No. 208 that has the screw in end probably early 1920s.

Circa 1912 - No 202 DC transformer - note size of No. 126 caboose in background.

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