Track Accessories    (Circa 1904-10)

Two No. 110 bumpers and a No. 107 Semaphore with track trip.

Track trip - straight section (above) and curved (below) with early 110 bumper.

Circa 1908-1909 - This is an early right hand spring loaded manual switch. Note the red lens on the switch and the little eyelet between it and the track. The eyelet was used to run string through to the eyelet on the throw so that the switch could activated 'automatically'. Note that both end sections are banked and that the end tie is etched with "The IVES Miniature Railway System"

One of the earliest switches for electric trains, Circa 1912.

Early turntable - see section on turntables

Early electric track with two track clips - note middle one attaches to insulated rail (see how track is cut and soldered insulation.


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