No. 140 Crossing Gate    (Circa 1906-20)

Circa 1906-1908 - Probably the most coveted of all the crossing gates is this early version, complete with the little operators house. Note the candy stripe red girders around the outside and the brick street approach area for cars or whatever crossed the tracks back in 1906. The lever in the front of the house would actually raise the gate while a track trip mechanism would drop the gate when the train went by. The actual floor on this model is butterscotch striped, the base of the house is red candy stripes with blue stripes on the roof.. The picture below shows the back side of the gate.


Circa 1908-1910 - A somewhat later example of the No. 140 this one has a dark brick base, a red diamond roof on the house and if you look closely in the upper left corner is a small plate that reads "The Ives Minature Railway". Below is the box for the above crossing gate.

Close up of house on 140 crossing gate.

Circa 1913-1920 - Later version with no lithography, gray base and house, green ramps and red girders and roof. Note also this is a No. 140-3, the 3 means it's electric for 3 rail track.

This example has three rail track (post 1910) and was painted black/gray when found. Just shows that Ives was using some of their old lithograph stock when they made some of these things the top of the base and insides of the shed are all the earlier brick litho.

Circa 1913-1920 - Another variation this one has a green speckled base with a white house.

Circa 1914-1920 - Look closely the track on this one has an inside third rail. Actually numbered 140-3 in the catalog this version was intended for electric track. 

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