No. 116 Passenger Station    (Circa 1906-1909)

Circa 1908-1909 - 116 Passenger stations from the later part of the first decade can usually be identified by the decorative two-tone brick work and the signs over the windows are part of the lithograph as opposed to being actual plates as came on the earlier stations. The example above is an unusual blue-green. This example also has the small "IVES Minature Railway Lines" plate on the front of the base, which usually dates it to late 1908 or 1909. Note that the roof on this one has two chimneys.

The example above and below is circa 1907-9 as it has the two color brick litho in brown. This one has green windows and doors which were usually found on the two tone green litho station.

Contrasting light brown or orange bricks.

Circa 1909-1910 - same litho as above but the roof uses the hexagon striped litho and has three chimneys.  Below is a side view of a similar station, note the shortened roof in the back to accommodate the glass dome.


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