No. 116 Passenger Station    (Circa 1902-05)

Circa 1902-1903 - The earliest 116 station was hand painted with a lithographed dormer lettered "Grand Central Station". The only examples of this early station that we have observed all had etched plates above the window which would appear to be the way it was pictured in the catalog. Unconfirmed reports suggest that there was an earlier version with rubber stamped lettering above the windows.

Back side of above station.

Note that the base on this one and the one above are the same color as the roof, while the one at the top of the page has a brown / orange base. The example below has a gray base and green windows.

Circa 1903-1905 - First lithographed version. Note the etched plates above the windows. Plain yellow brick lithograph with red cast iron windows. The one pictured below is probably earlier as it has the earlier one-piece  roof with three chimneys and no scallops. The example above has a two piece roof with two chimneys and scallops along the edges.


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