No. 115 2nd Series
No. 11 Freight Station    (Circa 1906-1909)

Circa 1906-1907 - Big change from previous versions is the single plate to the left of the door. It is our believe that any station from 1906 on should have a single plate and a 2 piece roof with the metal strip down the middle where the chimney is attached.

Circa 1906-1907 - IVES must have been color blind but here's another one to prove there's never two of these the same. This one has a blue litho body, butterscotch litho base and roof stripe. The roof and door are green diamonds, the base is a cream hexagon. The example below has butterscotch stripes on the body and cherry stripes on the base.

Circa 1907-1908 - Yet another litho pattern the body on this one has a wood plank litho. The one below is similar but has the little plate on the base, which IVES started using on most of their accessories around 1908 and 1909. 

Circa 1908-1909 - etched plate, two piece roof with plain connector.

note plate on front and plain roof stripe.

Circa 1908-1909 - The body has a plain cream litho. Below is another example of this variation with the plate taken off, you can see that this station was originally a red cherry stripe litho.

Circa 1908-1909 - Another odd variation to the No. 115 station, the body on this one is a solid red.

Circa 1909=1910 - Yellow brick litho pattern, but roof and doors have the striped double hexagon diagram normally associated with 1910 or later. Similar station shown below, but this one has a pain base with an earlier door, but still carries the double hexagon style roof. The one below we know was purchased in 1911-12, we can't be sure when it was made.

Circa 1910 - This one uses all sorts of different litho stocks. Brick walls, wood plank base, diamond roof and floor with the double hex litho on the door.

Unusual late roof with double hex litho and green roof connector.

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