No. 115 Freight Station    (Circa 1902-05)


Circa 1902-03 - No question this is the first No. 115 that IVES made. It is entirely hand painted, body is yellow, base is gray and roof is red.  "FREIGHT STATION" is stamped on either side of the door as two different stamps.

Circa 1903-1904 - The big difference here is the use of brass plates.  The door is lithographed but everything else is painted. 

Circa 1904-1905 - This station has the blue lithographed body with red diamond roof and yellow brick base. But the features that make this early are the two signs on either side of the door and the one piece roof.

note 1 piece roof and 2 signs

Circa 1904-1905 - Similar to previous station except this one has the butterscotch litho and green diamond plateforem

note 2 piece roof and 2 signs

Circa 1905 - Similar to the previous butterscotch striped No. 115, note that although this one still has two etched plates, it also has the newer two piece roof. Another example of the same variation is shown below. It is important to note that although it is rare to ever find two pre-1910 No. 115 stations exactly alike, there are certain characterisics that can be used to date them.

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