No. 114 Passenger Station    (Circa 1906-1909)

Circa 1906 - Same as previous versions except note the changes in the roof. Besides the etched plates which are no longer present, this roof is two piece and held together by a litho strip of metal .

Circa 1906-1907 - Same yellow brick body, but this one has a green diamond two piece roof with a very pretty red/gold hex base. The litho plate over the window is also gone.

Circa 1907-1909 - Ives changed the body to a wood lithograph. The example above is actually a light green, while the example below is a bright white or cream. Also note that the one below is later than the one above - it has the little brass plate on the front of the base. Also of interest is that the sign above the middle window is part of the lithograph. Some of these stations have Telegraph Office on both sides, some have Ticket Office on both sides and some have one of each.



Circa 1910 - unusual roof for this station, the double hex litho usually doesn't appear until 1910 and on the later 114 stations.

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