No. 113 Passenger Station    (Circa 1910-1928)

Circa 1909-1910 - Pre 1910 body litho with later roof litho with the double rows of colored Hexagons.


Circa 1910-1912 - Above is the front, below is the back. Note the litho base and litho roof using bi-colored rows of hexagons.  Also note the scallops on the roof and the roof strip that holds the pieces together and where the chimney attaches.

Circa 1910-12 - Early base and roof, later body. Just more examples of Ives using whatever litho they had laying around.

Circa 1912-1915 - Sort of a 'tweener' this one has a painted base and a litho roof. Note the unusual roof which is cut in the style of the later roof below, but is two piece and made of the double-hex litho stock. 

Another 'tweener' this one has the litho base and an oddly painted roof.

Circa 1913-1928 - Lithographed body with painted roof and base. This station can be found with different colored roofs and bases, below side view of station.

Close up on center section on lithograph.

Circa 1924-1928 - Above is the No. 113-3 station (-3 with light) and below is the box it came in.

Circa 1924-1928 - Another 113_3, the only difference is the light and the terminals to attach the wires.

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