No. 113 Passenger Station    (Circa 1906-09)

 Circa 1905-06 - Here's the earliest No. 113 station we've been able to find. Note that this station has etched plates and is a plain red brick litho. Also note that this station as shown above and below has Telegraph Office on one side and Ticket Office on the other. This station was first cataloged in 1906, but may have been available before that.

Opposite side of the first station. Compare it to the one below that is later with the Ticket Office sign as part of the lithograph and the different style brick work. The etched plates used on this station were the same as the ones used on the early 116. The plain red brick litho was standard stock IVES was using on several other accessories of the time.

Circa 1906-1909: Red brick with black inlays, Sign lithographed on side has been observed as 'Ticket Office" or "Telegraph Office"

Not a lot of variation in this particular station, but this one has what appears to be a blue diamond base.

Circa 1909-1910 - Pre 1910 body litho with later roof litho with the double rows of colored Hexagons. Yes that's a Lionel race car parked in front of the station, Lionel pictured several Ives accessories in their early catalogs. Below is a similar station except the roof pieces appear to be just plain metal.


Look familiar? It's not IVES but American Minature Railroad. Below is an earlier version of the AMRR passenger station, Note the different roof and how it parallels the early 113 station. The example below we think is one sold by Lionel around 1913. All this makes you wonder who really made these stations. The catalog cut from the 1913 Lionel catalog is identical to the catalog cut from 1909 AMRR.

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