70 Series 1 Gauge Passenger Cars    1904-1910

No. 70 Baggage


Circa 1904-1909 - Early variations of the No. 70 baggage. The maroon one above has gold highlights, note the inside in the picture below which is red/black cherry stripped.

Maroon 1 gauge cars can be found with silver or gold lettering, the example above has the silver lettering.

The baggage above has a black roof, the example below has the green roof.

No. 71 Saint Louis 

The maroon Saint Louis is very rare - the one above has silver lettering, the one below has gold lettering.

Circa 1904-1909 - Above is the maroon variation with gold highlights , below is a probably later No. 71 in yellow with black roof.

The 71 combine above has the black roof, the example below has the green roof, there doesn't appear to be any other differences.

No. 72 San Francisco

Circa 1904-1908 - Exact dating on the maroon cars is not clear, but to the best of our knowledge the color is only found on the early cars. Maroon cars are also known to come with either gold or silver trim, the example above is silver

You have to look closely but  the two cars above have a different lithograph. The best way to see it is to look at the boards between the windows. The car on the right is the early variation, the car on the left is the later variation with the revised litho and green roof.

The car above and below are similar with the later lithograph, but the one above has the green roof, while the example below has the black roof.

The car above and below both have black roofs. The car below has the earlier litho.

We're not sure what to make of this, it's a No. 72 Observation but have not been able to look at it close enough to know if it's original.

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