No. 80, 81, 82, 83, 84 Model Yachts   (Circa 1922-1924?)

Below is pictured both side of a No. 81 Jib and Mainsail type Model Yacht. This sailboat did not have the IVES name on it and is 30" long at the hull and 37" high. It sold for $30 as it sits or you could buy it in a construction set that had to be assembled for $20.00. The other three Yachts pictured in the 1922 IVES catalog were all larger and more expensive. The Yachts were still listed in the 1924 price lists, but we can't find them after that. We don't believe this Yacht was actually made by IVES and except for the two pictured below have been unable to find any surviving examples. 


We're not sure of the size on this one, but it does appear to be an IVES boat as it came from the original owner with the IVES sailboat pamphlet.

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