No. 4009 VIM/ 4012 VIXIN Motor boats   (Circa 1918-1927)

The Power or Motor boats like the destroyers were cataloged with the same numbers over the whole 10 year period. The only changes from the early to late variations appear in the windshield design from straight with celluloid insert on the early to curved in the late. 

Above is an early version of the No. 4009 note the straight windshield and back railing. Also not marked as VIM. Below is the bottom of an early 4009 with the name stamped on it. These lettering is hard to find intact, not because the boat is that rare, but because the paint on the bottom of the hull is usually flaked off.

No. 4009 VIM - 9" long - green lower hull with white upper hull. Top is yellow with recessed maroon passenger area. Note picture below showing inside with steering wheel and seat arrangement. 


Below is early (1918-21) version of the VIXIN. Note the railing around the passenger section and the front windshield.  


This early version of the VIXIN came in it's original box which ironically was labeled for a DESTROYER, but also note the one page Instruction sheet that came with it. Note also that the early version has IVES TOYS rubber stamped on the back of the hull on the yellow paint, where the later model below has it rubber stamped on the recessed passenger section on the maroon paint. Like the shorter VIM the VIXIN also had the straight windshield with the back railing early and the rounded windshield and no railing late.


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