No. 3009 / 3012 Destroyer   (Circa 1918-1921)

The Destroyers were a little different in that they were cataloged with the same numbers over the whole 10 year period. It was the only boat to maintain the same number after it got the new hull. 

The No. 3009 pictured above is the earliest example - note the black rubber stamped 'o' for portholes and the earlier railing when compared to the later boat below. The 1918 models besides having the more simplistic portholes also have the boat name stamped on the bottom of the hull

The example above is somewhat unusual in that it has two smokestacks but is numbered 3009.

Above and below are early examples of the No. 3012 Destroyer. Note that it should have two life boats, two masts, two guns and two stacks.

Bottom of hull from 1918 boat.

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