No 810  Trolley    (Circa 1910-12)

 In 1910 the 810 was sold only with the trolley pole and a special motor that would allow it to run off overhead electricity. Note the litho base and lithographed floor on the inside of the car.

An original set box for the 810 trolley, circa 1910.

Here's the underside of the above 810 trolley. Note the lack of any pickup for third rail power

This is actually the trailer for a 810, it is identical except it has no motor. The catalog number for this trolley was a No. 805, contrary to popular belief these trailers never came with the trolleys with the overhead poles, although it was first cataloged in 1911, the last year the trolley with the overhead was cataloged.

Motorized 810 with litho frame, 6 spoke cast iron wheels and litho interior.

A later 810 (some would say these are actually 809s and that Ives was just using leftover 810 bodies). Note this trolley has painted side frames, gray steps and small tin wheels.

The underside of the above trolley. Note this variation has two geared wheels and a slider pickup (as opposed to a roller pickup).

Another late 810

This is actually a 805 trailer trolley, it has no motor. This is a later one.

The pictures above and below show what is the only one we know of but this appears to be an 800 clockwork trolley that must have been sold after they ran out of the older bodies. Several experts have looked at this and believe it was done at the factory. A very unusual clockwork trolley using an 810 body with an 800 clockwork motor.

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