The Wanamaker Railway Lines (1924)

It's been confirmed that just about everything found in the 1924 Ives catalog was also made up special for the John Wanamaker Company of Philadelphia.  Some of the equipment, like the litho boxcar, were not specially marked, but did come in Specially marked boxes for the Wanamaker Company. The passenger cars and the electric locomotives all came painted in the unique Wanamaker mahogany brown and carried the "Wanamaker Railway Lines" lithographed in gold script. 

50 Series Passenger Cars

 No 50 Wanamaker

No 50 Baggage

No. 51 Wanamaker

No 51 Chair Car


550 Series Passenger Cars

No. 550 baggage


No 551 Chair Car

Came only in 3 car sets with a No. 17 Locomotive

Much rarer than the other two cars in this series is the No. 552 Parlor Car

60 Series Passenger Cars

Baggage Car

No 70 Baggage Car

Any question that they made both 60 and 70 series cars in 1924 should be confirmed here. This is a No. 60 Wanamaker baggage in it's original box.

Chair Car

No. 71 Chair Car

No. 61 Chair Car

No. 72 Drawing Room Car

129-130  Series Passenger Cars

Yes there was a 130 car also.

No. 129 Saratoga

No. 130 Buffett

1924 - first Ives 0 gauge Observation Cars

No. 132 Observation

3200 Series Electrics

No. 3250 Electric

Came with matching 70 Series Cars.

No. 3252 Electric

Sold with matching Saratoga cars

No. 3253 Electric

Clockwork Steamers

No. 11 Wanamaker

The actual clockwork steam engines sold by Wanamakers in 1924 looked identical to standard production, only the tenders were marked with the Wanamaker logo. This tender may have come with either a No. 1, No. 6 or No. 17 locomotive. Pictured below is a No. 1118 that was found without it's tender. This is the only Steam outline locomotive we've seen with Wanamaker markings.

Wanamaker No. 17 tender

Set 690 was only cataloged in 1924

Wanamaker Railway Lines No. 690 Set box

Two Wanamaker Signal boxes


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