In 1927 Ives produced some Promotional sets for a still unknown west coast distributor. We believe these sets may have been sold through Ives San Francisco Show Room.  These sets had no special colors, just Special Plates that labeled them as "Southern Pacific Lines". Ives did not issue their entire line in Southern Pacific, but rather some of their better selling items. In 0 gauge Southern Pacific appears to have been used only on two sets: Outfit No. 503; The Ives Limited which came with a 3255 and 135,135,136 cars all in brown and the Outfit No. 507; The Greyhound coming with a 3257 and 141,141,142 cars all in gray. 

Outfit No. 503 - The Ives Limited

 Number only appears on the headlight

No. 3255 Southern Pacific Lines, the plate on the right reads "Southern / Lines / Pacific".

No 135 Southern Pacific Lines

No 136 Southern Pacific Lines


Outfit No. 507 The Greyhound

Note no number plate, one side Ives, other Souther Pacific

No. 3257 Southern Pacific Lines, the plate on the right reads "Southern / Lines / Pacific"

No. 141 Southern Pacific Lines

No. 142 Southern Pacific. The observation platform plate was standard on both original sets that we've seen.

Close-up of the plate used wide gauge SP trains - note the lettering here is lower case, while the 0 gauge items have SOUTHERN PACIFIC LINES all in upper case.

Southern Pacific - 1928 car?

Did Ives sell Southern Pacific Sets in 1928 - this car may indicate that it did prior to the buyout by Lionel and Flyer. This car in Mottled Gray has the Southern Pacific plates, it has the early two piece snake pull couplers and vestibules that would indicate early 1928?

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