Miscellaneous Promotional Sets


This box was empty when found it, but it is marked 1102 and SPECIAL. Set 1102S was cataloged in 1912, but the labels on this box would indicated something much later as in 1918-1919. Photo credit to Benjamin Morgan.

The infamous 'Inside-Out' boxed sets which were probably from 1930 or later. These Sets were usually freight sets using locomotives such as the 3254 or 3260. Our best guess as to why these boxes were inside out is that they were sold as promotionals by Lionel and they didn't want the Ives name to appear on the outside of the box.

The box above is a wide gauge set box, turned inside out. This box contained an O gauge set with several accessory items.


Circa 1928-30 - Another 1928 box (Note "THE IVES CORP."). Originally stamped Outfit No. 425, Ives (Lionel) stamped a new number at the top (7885) The contents of this set are shown below. The cataloged version came with a blue 3260, this one has an orange engine.

This one is a mystery. We've found just this one box and it was empty. The lettering was wearing off but what is there reads "_______ Exchange Special Mechanical Train Set"

Stern Special? - you have to look closely but this box is marked Stern Special. According the a couple collectors this box contained a Universal Fast Freight set, although we haven't been able to verify it yet. The price sticker reads "Stern Brothers / New York".

This set was numbered 5010 and was sold in 1930. It contains the late orange 3254 with the die-cast frame.

Circa 1930 - This particular sample was sold from Hager and Brothers Inc of Lancaster PA, we assume it was sold in other locations and don't know the significance of the term Alliance. This set also contain a 221 station not pictured here. The set contains Blue Vagabond like cars, but unusual in that there is no baggage and two 551 cars. The locomotive is a No. 66.

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