1929 Columbian Set

Ives  had intended on making an O gauge version of the Orange and black Olympian Set. They had even gone as far as showing a picture of it in an early pre-release of the 1929 catalog folder.  The locomotive was to have used a 3257 body on a 4-4-4 frame and pull 3 141-142 series cars with six wheel trucks. Ives had even gone as far as re-tooling the trucks for their large passenger cars so that they would be able to carry an extra journal box and even though they would only have 8 wheels on a truck, they would have 6 journal boxes. The engine shown below was thought to be the prototpe for this engine, but with a lot of research from a couple long time Ives collectors it was found that this engine was a fake and made by Jim Cohen. It's still an excellant piece of work and is probably very close to what Ives would have done.

 3265 mock up is made from a 3257 shell and a cut up 3257/3255 frame. the trucks were completely fabricated.

Pony trucks appear to be made of brass

Picture from the bottom showing the brass pony trucks and the number actually stamped on the frame.

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