70 Series 1 Gauge Bodied Cars    (Circa 1912)

No. 70 Baggage


Circa High Marklin trucks first used on 1 gauge body cars.  Red/gray roof above cream/gray below

1 gauge baggage on O gauge trucks

No. 71 Buffet 

Compare truss rods with cars below

Above and below is the No. 71 Buffet Car in brown and white

Compare truss rods with car above


No. 72 Chicago Pullman

white Chicago

No. 72 Chicago car - 1 gauge body on High Marklin Trucks. Above in white below in brown

Above car still shows the old "TWENTIETH CENTURY LIMITED" lettering under the roof. Ives first cut down the cars when they converted them to 0 Gauge. 

Circa 1912 - We're not sure but this is a One gauge gondola body on a floor train base with 0 gauge trucks and automatic couplers. Best guess is that Ives made up some freight cars for separate sale to go with the passenger cars above. Note the cream lithograph and green painted frame with floor train hook slot at one end.

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