Unusual 130 Series Litho Passenger Cars   - 1930 or later

Many collectors double the validity of these cars, but they were in the Lou Hertz collection for many years. Lou claimed he found these cars in the factory after it had closed along with boxes of the parts used to hold the trucks on. We present them for what they are Late 129-130 passenger cars with late red trucks (same as those found on the Black Diamond cars) riveted on with special brass rivets and washers. They have  unpainted frames and cut up snake pull couplers. To add some validity to these cars Lou later found a boxcar with the same trucks and rivets.

No. 130   Buffet Car

No. 129  Saratoga  Car

132 Observation Car


Bottom of cars show that they are held on by brass washer and split rivet - also unusual is that they use cut down snake couplers that are not held on by the same rivet as the truck.

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