Electric  Outline Locomotives

1651 Electric

Circa 1931-32 - No. 1651, copper journals and only one coupler. Supposedly the red variation is from 1932 and the yellow variation below is from 1931, don't believe it was quite that clean a break and the yellow variations are much harder to find.

Note the blue roof

The motor plate off one of the red locomotives would tend to indicate that this one wasn't sold until 1933 or later, at least we don't believe the 'Lionel-IVES' name was used prior to 1933.

No. 1694 4-4-4 Electric

Circa 1932 - Beige sides with red roof and frame, the 1694 is a locomotive icon for Lionel production Ives.  Below is a Williams Reproduction of this engine - the big difference is the way the roof is attached.


Records show that 2600 of these sets were manufactured, but it would appear that very few were sold here in the states. Most were dumped by Lionel through their Export department over the next several years through foreign markets - the one above was found in England and is stamped "MADE IN U.S.A."

No. 1810 Electric


Circa 1931-1932 - No. 1810 box cab electric in blue with red/orange roof.

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