Circa 1921-1926 - Octagonal shaped nickel headlight, nickel bell and full size nickel pantograph.

Circa 1926 - brass octagonal-shaped headlight with copper wire, screw and hex nut. brass machined whistle and low clipped brass pantograph.

Circa 1927 - Machined brass whistle with rough clipped brass pantograph.

Circa 1928 - Strap brass headlight, etched in black, low clipped brass pantograph.

1928 NO. 3237 - Note brass hatches.

Circa 1928-1930 - above and below: coupler for 3245 short cab, lower couplers for Lionel bodied 246 series cars.


IVES coupler showing patent date.

Above is pre-1925 locomotive showing extra cotter pins used to fasten railings - a total of 32 cotter pins in all. Below is 1925+ locomotives where IVES reduced the number of cotter pins to 16

Circa 1922 - Note pilot wheels have lug (for piston rod?). This is a type I frame with four steps and keyhole like opening for reverse.

Circa 1923 - Inside of 3243 cab showing lead ribbon weights. The extra weight was needed for the lighter Type II frame.

Circa 1924 - Type II frame with four steps.

Circa 1925 - Above and below - Heavy type III frame with 6 steps.

Inside of cab from above locomotive, Note that the ribbon weights have been cut out because the frame is now heavier.

Circa 1927 - High heavy type III frame with 6 steps. Note that his locomotive is a Southern Pacific.

Circa 1927 - Green Southern Pacific with type IV frame with square opening for reverse lever.

Circa 1927 - Type V frame.

Circa 1928 - Type V frame with 7 steps to door.

Circa 1928-1929 - Black 3243 - note that one side only has 3242 plate. These were the very last ones made as they were running out of 3243 plates.

Circa 1923 - 3243 pilot wheels with knife-edge spokes.

Circa 1921-1922 - Disc pilot wheels - note they were painted on the outside and inside.













Type 1: ( 4) Painted Steps, Square Opening for Reverse Lever












Type 2:  (4) Painted Steps, Keyhole Opening  for Reverse












Type 3:  5 steps (4) Painted, Square Opening for Reverse












Type 4: High Frame:(6) Non-Painted Steps, Keyhole Opening for Reverse












Type 5:  High Frame: (6) Non-Painted  Steps, Square Opening  for Reverse












Type 6:  High Frame: (7) Non-Painted  Steps, Square Opening  for Reverse












Type 7: Stamped Steel, Pilot Trucks Cast Iron

























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