1926 General Electric GILT EDGE EXPRESS set

We're not sure what to make from this description? - In 1926 Set No. 502 contained a 3252 with 60, 62 and 68 cars in green. The catalog cut would appear to be showing the 1926 Ives Limited, which came with a 3254 and 135,136 cars in a light brown or tan color. The description above lists the locomotive as a 3259, which wasn't cataloged by IVES until 1927. The 1927 White Owl set did come with a 3259 and 551,552,558 passenger cars. The white color of the 3259 has been called grey by some observers and the gold litho trim almost gives it a 'gilt' effect, but the third color would be red, not black!  The observation car is listed as a 568. IVES did not catalog a 4 wheel observation car until 1927 and it was numbered 558, although 68 bodies in 1926 colors do show up on 4 wheel frames, they normally have the red IVES roof which would indicate 1927 or 1928. The above description is from 'Catalog No. 27 of the General Electric Supply Corporation' which General Electric has said was it's 1926 catalog. Was the above an early version of the White Owl set that didn't make the 1926 IVES catalog? Was there really a GILT EDGE EXPRESS? That name was never used to describe any other set in any IVES catalog, while all the other set names from this GE 1926 catalog match the names from the IVES catalog of that year???